Prayer for Healing

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Lord, I know You are able to heal. I know it with utmost confidence. Grant me now the wisdom to understand Your timing and the courage to accept Your healing as sufficient for the moment. Amen

Lord, I'd thank you that you love sick kids. I know that you hate what their illness is doing to them. I'd asked that you will heal diseases, that you will have a compassion and will bring healing to all sick kids. I know that not everyone is healed on the earth. If that will happen than please keep my heart towards you softly, please help me to understand what your plan is and help me to be excited about heaven.
Please pray for people from Florida safe and healthy when come back home after Hurricane Irma

Gov. Rick Scott on what's next for Florida after H

Please pray for people in the path of the Hurricane Irma, and for all people who are evacuating to safety places, please also pray for supporters who are working to help people, serve people.

After Hurricane Irma left